GOKOS is an indie make-up brand that is revolutionizing beauty in everyday life: with high-quality cosmetic pencils for maximum looks with minimum effort.

Within seconds, versatile and lastingly beautiful - that is GOKOS, "KOSmetik to GO". Thanks to the practical pen format, the products can be applied easily and precisely and are ideal for busy days or on the go. GOKOS is pocket-proof, refillable and made in Nuremberg with love.

We love cosmetic pencils and have for over 30 years!

Because GOKOS comes from the well-known Gutberlet company, which began manufacturing writing implements as early as 1960 and has also been developing color cosmetics since 1987.

The launch of the felt eyeliner, which was revolutionary at the time, became a worldwide success and over the years, the Nuremberg manufactory produced cosmetics for well-known labels such as Lancôme, Guerlain, Babor, ARTDECO and many more.

Now the 35-year-old granddaughter of the founder, Christiane De La Rosa, is starting a new chapter in the company's history: in 2020 she founded GOKOS, Gutberlet's first own cosmetics line.

In doing so, Christiane takes up her innate passion for pens and, with her “Beauty to Go” concept, brings proven quality and many years of expertise into the absolute now.

Unlike the generations before her, Christiane has the chance to create her cosmetic pencils directly for the users. "That's super exciting for me, because before GOKOS I never had this kind of exchange in the beauty sector." When designing her collection, Christiane always keeps an eye on the busy everyday life and lifestyle of her customers. Each product is of high quality and the to-go idea is well thought out.



Our cosmetic pencils underline your own beauty. Because GOKOS does not want to perfect anyone or create an ideal image of beauty. We want to inspire people to feel good about who they are - whether edgy, natural or glamorous.


We designed our pens to be ideal for on the go: small, precise and easy to use. They are travel- and pocket-proof and always ready for use, without crumbling, without leaking, without brushes and the like.


Our claim is excellence. GOKOS products are manufactured according to European cosmetics guidelines and the highest quality standards. The rich textures and luxurious feel are our little gift for busy everyday life.


What we do today determines the world of tomorrow. This guiding principle accompanies GOKOS all around, because behind our products there are not only beauty trends. GOKOS is innovative, low waste and a conscious purchase.


GOKOS cosmetics are created from the idea to the hand-packaged product in Nuremberg. No long production routes, but our own factory, where the pens are made with passion, locally and cruelty-free.

With the practical pen format, endlessly versatile looks can be conjured up easily, cleanly and precisely. Whether natural daytime glow or dramatic evening glam, GOKOS has it all. The numbering system from 1 to 8 shows the product group at a glance and at the same time invites you to get creative.

The special thing about our pens is inside. Because GOKOS is based on first-class ingredients and exquisite creamy-powdery textures. On nature and on science. In this way we can keep our promise that GOKOS cosmetics look good all day long. Whether rain, heat, long days or wild nights.